How To Order

1) Browse the post in this blog.You can also use the 'Labels' to search.

2) Got something?then below of the post should be a link of the order form.

3) Wait for my responds.I'll send you my account number via email.So,keep alert. =D

5) You can bank-in the money so I can do it as soon as possible.

7) Again,send me an email of your payment proof.

6) After I finished with your items,I'll let you know via sms.And now what you have to do is wait for your Mr Postman.

Cara Tempahan

1) Checkout post2 kat blog ni.Korang boleh juga guna 'Label' untuk mencari.

2) Dah ada yang berkenan?Gi kat bawah post.Kat situ ada link order form.

3) Isi order form tu selengkapnya dan sebetulnya dan secomfirm-comfirmnya. 

4) Tunggu respons untuk no account. Silalah sentiasa meng'up-to-date' email anda.

5) Dah tu bolehla bank-in duit secepat mungkin dalam masa 7 hari lepas letak order.

6) Item yang da siap tu melalui mesej atau e-mail.OK?itu je..

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